1. Introduction to MikroElektronika
  2. Idea behind EasyPIC Fusion v7
  3. Introduction to on-board modules
  4. MCU cards
  5. Programming and debugging with mikroProg.
  6. mikroBUS - one socket for all Click add-on boards
  7. Using Visual TFT software to quickly develop TFT GUIs
  8. Libraries (USB Host, USB Device, Ethernet, TFT), Examples and community projects
  9. Nomination for Embedded Award 2013.
  10. Question and answers.
Aleksandar Nikolic currently holds position as Product Manager at MikroElektronika. He received B.SC. of Computational Sciences at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Niš, Serbia in 2007.
From 2009 - 2010, he worked in MikroElektronika's Support Department. Strong orientation towards customer satisfaction, user experience, and involvement in product design brought him to Marketing, where he was promoted to Product Manager in October 2010. Aleksandar's responsibilities in Marketing are website design, user manuals design, e-commerce design, copyrighting, user interface design, video production and advertising (magazine ads, Google ads, Facebook ads.). Aleksandar is actively involved in defining company roadmap and pricing policies. He is a regular member of the weekly management board meetings.