Tune in to learn about the advanced features of FTDI's new FT800 graphics controller.image During this webinar you will learn about the 3 main elements of the FT800 solution - Display generation, audio output and touch control from a TFT display. As well as a hardware overview of the IC and development modules we will look at the simplicity of developing application code to control the device from the FT800 primitives through to the widgets designed to enable rapid development of complex objects.
Presenter: Gavin Moore
Gavin Moore is a Customer Support Engineer with FTDI based at their headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. He currently heads the support team based in this office and has been with FTDI for more than four years. He has a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and has worked within the semiconductor industry for over twenty years.
This Webinar was presented on 6-November-2013.  A recording of the session is available here.