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About This Webinar

A barrier to increased flight time has been the inefficiency of turning a drone's propellers. Join Kristen and Kevin as they discuss solutions for drone electronic speed controllers (ESCs) that will help manufacturers create drones with longer flight times and a smoother and more stable performance. In this session designers can learn how to add gauging, protection, balancing and charging capabilities to any existing drone design to improve flight time.




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The Presenters


Kristen Mogensen is a System Engineer for TI's Industrial Motor Drives focusing on both hardware and software. He has worked in this role since 2014. He began his career at Texas Instruments in 2008 and has held various technical roles since joining the company. Kristen Mogensen studied Electrical-Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). In 2008, he received his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.



Kevin Stauder is a System Engineer for Appliances and Power Tools. He has worked in this role since 2014. He came to Texas Instruments after receiving his Masters of Science in EE in 2008, and has held various technical and marketing roles at TI. Kevin Stauder studied Electrical-Engineering at the ESIEE Paris.

Webinar Recording

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Reference designs:


Breakthrough battery management for your drone:
2S1P Battery Management System (BMS) reference design transforms a drone’s battery pack into a smart diagnostic black box recorder that accurately monitors remaining capacity and protects the Li-Ion battery throughout its entire lifetime. Designers can use the drone BMS reference design to add gauging, protection, balancing and charging capabilities to any existing drone design and improve flight time. The design also features a battery charge controller and a high-efficiency DC/DC converter to achieve high-efficiency power conversion efficiency.  It also leverages the fuel gauge to accurately measure remaining capacity over the entire life of the battery.


High-speed motor performance for propeller efficiency:
Sensorless High-Speed Field Oriented Control Reference Design for Drone Electronic Speed Control helps electronic speed controllers achieve the highest possible efficiency with performance for speeds more than 12,000 rpm (> 1.2kHz electrical), including fast-speed reversal capability for more stable roll movement. This means longer flight times and more smooth and stable performance.



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