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imageNear Field Communication technology opens new business opportunities in a very large number of application areas. Payments, access control, gaming, social interaction, advertising, are just a few examples. Since the simple, intuitive technology lets you initiate interactions with a simple touch, it’s also opens a new playground for tinkerers. Join the webinar and learn about the basics of NFC, modes of operation, communication protocols and the new scenarios that the technology opens in the contactless applications domain. The second half of the webinar will be used to demonstrate use cases that can be realized with the expansion board for the Raspberry Pi.
Presenter: Antje Schütz
Antje Schütz works as Senior Marketing Manager for NXP Semiconductors in Hamburg, Germany, where she was taking part in the development of uses cases for NFC readers from the beginning on, when NFC was co-invented by NXP more than ten years ago. Focusing particularly on the marketing approach for the diverse mass market audience, probably no one knows better about the features and the versatility of NFC. Antje will be presenting the first part of the webinar which is all about the NFC essentials and unfolding NFC applications.
Presenter: Michael Neurohr
As Product Manager with a strong background in computer science, Michael Neurohr is responsible for the NFC Reader Library at NXP Semiconductors in Gratkorn, Austria. Since the software as well as the documentation for the EXPLORE-NFC has been developed by Michael himself, there hardly is any technical question that can’t be answered by him. Michael will talk about the features of the EXPLORE-NFC and exemplary NFC projects.