In this webinar engineer, entrepreneur and artist Saar Drimer shows how to combine creativity and electronics design to create circuits that are not just functional but also beautiful.image Adding aesthetics to the mix of signal integrity and component selection improves circuit quality thanks to that extra layer of loving care and attention. But because current PCB design tools are so rigid and sterile they do not allow beautiful designs, Saar devised his own. And you can use them too, because they are free and open to all. Join this webinar and discover a vastly different approach to circuit design.


About the presenter:


Saar Drimer is an engineer with a diverse background. Through Boldport, his company, he focuses on combining product and circuit design into a single process in order to achieve 'beautifully functional circuits'. To do this he has developed PCBmodE, a different kind of circuit board design tool.  You can learn more about Saar in the attached interview.