This webinar provides an overview of new Sentrius BT610 input-output (I/O) sensor design features, capabilities and benefits that come with the integrated BL654 from Laird Connectivity using Nordic nRF52840 silicon.


Learn how the flexible BT610 design gathers and relays data from an array of hard-wired sensors and industry interfaces, then pushs that data into the cloud. We'll also look at how the device has been built on an open platform enabling customers to bring their own embedded development to life. This webinar presents the BT610 and its associated cable assemblies for a selection of target applications, including control hut monitoring, AC current sensing, and tank monitoring for condition-based monitoring and connecting to the cloud.


  • How Laird Connectivity’s new Sentrius BT610 integrates with BL654 using Nordic nRF52840 silicon
  • About Bluetooth 5.2 and how LE-coded physical layer offers long-range support, giving an excellent RF range-to-price ratio
  • Review custom-made industrial IP67-enclosure features suitable for deployment in challenging environments
  • Understand the wide range of inputs supported at a hardware level through the BT610s range of interface options
  • Review use cases for the BT610 and learn about the associated cable assemblies offered alongside the input-output sensor


The Presenter:

Johnathan Kaye, Senior Director, Product Management at Laird Connectivity

Jonathan is a senior director, product management, at Laird Connectivity. Jonathan has more than 15 years of experience in Bluetooth® technology, including design and implementation into modules and a variety of end products. He manages Laird Connectivity’s portfolio of Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy products and has worked with Nordic Semiconductor silicon for the last eight years.