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Edge Impulse and Nordic Semiconductor are bringing to life one of the best IoT prototyping platforms for Smart Cities, running embedded ML across several sensors that enable you to create powerful cellular IoT. Using the Thing:91, Edge Impulse will teach you how to create ML applications across temperature, pressure, humidity and air quality sensing, as well as a light sensor, three-axis accelerometer, SIM-ready LTE, GPS, and a generous1440mAh rechargeable battery in a small form factor. The combination of Edge Impulse and Nordic's Thingy:91 delivers a slew of new capabilities around:


  • Video Surveillance
  • HVAC
  • Access and Security
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Fire Sensors
  • Energy Meters
  • Water Meters
  • And more...


Join our webinar to learn, ask questions and see live demos with real data and footage that can help you create your best smart solution for cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient cities.


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The Presenter:


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Jenny Plunkett, User Success Engineer  at Edge Impulse

Martin Lesund, Technical Marketing Manager - Cellular IoT, Nordic Semiconductor


Texas Longhorn and software engineer, working as a User Success Engineer at Edge Impulse. Since graduating from The University of Texas I have been working in the IoT space, from customer engineering and developer support for Arm Mbed to consulting engineering for the Pelion platform.

Martin has a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology. Previously he has been working as an Application Engineer in the Technical Support group for over three years at Nordic, where the focus has been on the nRF91 series, nRF Connect SDK and Cellular IoT. Now his focus is to help customer understand and get them the best cellular IoT solution possible for their new applications. In his free time, Martin enjoys hiking, running, and riding bikes.