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Interference is becoming more common and more severe in today’s increasingly crowded wireless spectrum. Given the complex and dynamic nature of many wireless signals, equally dynamic measurement tools are needed to effectively troubleshoot and maintain deployed systems. Real time spectrum analyzer (RTSA)  is designed to target such task. In this section, we will discuss the principle of real time spectrum analysis and why it is ideal tool to capture intermittent signals. This seminar takes deeper dive into what is the interference, their impact on network quality, and the workflow to fix the problem; Given all the challenges in interference hunting, new tools and techniques are required to improve its efficiency.



Keysight's FieldFox Microwave Analyzer

The Presenter



Presenter: Rolland Zhang

Title: Senior Product Manager

Rolland Zhang is a senior product manager for Keysight’s FieldFox RF handheld analyzers, based in Santa Rosa, California. Rolland has over 20 years of experience with RF/MW and in the wireless communications industry in the areas of wireless communication infrastructure, installation, maintenance, network engineering, optimization, and troubleshooting. He is currently responsible for developing the industry-leading FieldFox RF/MW handheld instruments for wireless and aerospace/defense communications.

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