Win a Multicomp Soldering Station and Swag for the Asking the Best Questions! 

Have you ever wondered about the electronics inside a Battlebot? Multicomp Pro is sponsoring Team HyperShock this year and we're excited to host an Ask Me Anything with Will Bales of the HyperShock team.  Interested in knowing more about the motors they selected (and why)? Want to know about the electronic remote controls (they look something like an RC Car controller)?  Curious about how the design accommodates emergency repairs? About Team HyperShock behind the scenes videos.

Join us for this event and get your questions answered!  The 5 attendees who ask the best questions will win a soldering station, HyperShock beanie and sticker!

Possible Topics of Discussion:

  • A lively session of answering your questions


Multicomp Soldering Station Giveaway!

We'll be giving away a Multicomp Soldering Station (~$100 value), Beanies, and Stickers to 3 attendees who ask the best questions:

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The Presenters:

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Will Bales, Team Captain/Co-Driver at Hypershock Kyle Awner, Number One at Hypershock
Biomedical Engineer by day, Will Bales is Captain, Lead Engineer and Driver on Team HyperShock from the Discovery series BattleBots. Will has competed on all 7 seasons of the show and helped lead the team to 3 Giant Bolt Awards for Best Driver, Most Destructive, and 2022 re:MARS all:STARS Champion. Kyle has been a member of Team HyperShock since 2018. He handles the team's logistics both at home and at BattleBots. Kyle is also HyperShock's weapon operator during fights. When he's not destroying robots, he works as an engineering automation specialist for an aerospace engineering firm in South Florida.

The Moderator:

James Lewis, Host of Workbench Wednesday and element14 Presents
Back when James was in high school and had hair, he grabbed a soldering iron for the first time. Repairing a Heathkit training board immediately hooked him on electronics. Well, after the burns healed. His first hardware hack was changing the RC oscillator on his TI-85 calculator to make games, like Breakout, run at a reasonable speed. During the PS2 gaming era, he created UnitiBlue, a modular adapter to use classic console controllers with PC emulators. (Back then we said “classic,” not “retro.”) Today James 3d prints, laser cuts, and solders together things that beep, blink, and fly. Known as the Bald Engineer, he writes engineering articles, makes Arduino tutorials, and rants about capacitor types. His YouTube channel, AddOhms, features simple animated tutorials to explain electronics to everyone.