In this panel discussion of experts from Avnet, AMD, and Samtec we will discuss Design Trends for Industrial Embedded Computing using the new ZUBoard 1CG development board from Avnet as an example.

Key topics to be discussed are:

  • Design trends (e.g. intelligence at the edge)
  • Devices and tools that enable development
  • The ZUBoard 1CG and how it can be a great starting point for industrial embedded computing
  • What makes the AMD Zynq UltraScale+ 1CG MPSoC device ideal for embedded computing
  • Expanding capabilities of a development board
    • High speed connectivity
    • Diversity of connectivity
    • Flexibility
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Embedded World 2023 is coming up soon, so we will also be highlighting what Avnet, AMD, and Samtec will be showing there. Have a specific question you want answered? Post it in advance using the comments below. There will be an audience Q&A at the end of the panel discussion.

The Panelists:

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Matthew Burns, Technical Marketing Manager at Samtec Chetan Khona, Sr. Director, Industrial, Vision, Healthcare & Sciences Markets at AMD
Matthew Burns develops go-to-market strategies for Samtec’s Silicon to Silicon solutions. Over the course of 20+ years, he has been a leader in design, technical sales and marketing in the telecommunications, medical and electronic components industries. Mr. Burns holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University. Chetan Khona is Senior Director of Industrial, Vision, Healthcare & Sciences markets at AMD, based in New York. Captivated by the creative potential of FPGAs to solve embedded design challenges in a fundamentally differentiated and efficient manner while a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Chetan has continuously been involved with adaptive computing as either an engineer, salesperson, marketer, or business leader for 30 years. These days, Chetan’s efforts have been focused on the rise of AI, IoT, and other embedded/edge processing technologies accelerating the digital transformation of factories, warehouses, farms, cities and hospitals.

The Moderator:

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Camron Chilton, Technical Marketing Engineer at Avnet Tom Curran, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Avnet
I've worked as a technical sales engineer throughout my career which started at Avnet 20yrs ago helping companies with their product design needs. I now work in Avnet's Advanced Applications Group supporting the development of new products like the ZUBoard based on AMD FPGA and SoC devices and other Avnet supplier partners. I enjoy the challenges of providing solutions for a multitude of applications using the latest technologies. I got sucked into the world of FPGAs and programmable logic early in my career working for a company that developed embedded controls for bottle labeling machines, and I’ve never looked back.  I now work in Avnet's Products & Emerging Technologies group, mostly working on Linux and software applications for our Zed and UltraZed family of Zynq and Zynq MPSoC SOMs and SBCs like the Ultra96-V2.