Join us as we explore the transformative potential of Arduino Pro products in enabling edge computing capabilities in Industry 4.0 applications across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics.  In this presentation,  we'll highlight how this technology can drive efficiency in applications related to Industry 4.0.   Attendees will discover practical examples illustrating the application of Arduino Pro products in IoT projects, showcasing their adaptability and scalability.

We'll explore how the incorporation of edge AI elevates project functionalities, enhances scalability, and enriches the user experience. By the attending, you will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how Arduino Pro products empower businesses to harness the full potential of Industry 4.0, propelling them towards enhanced productivity and competitiveness in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

What You Will Learn By Attending:

  • How the Arduino platform can be used in Industry 4.0
  • The application of Arduino Pro products in an IoT projects
  • Demonstrating how edge AI can enhance the project's functionality, scalability and user experience



The Kit:

This webinar focuses on the Arduino Pro Line.   There is no required kit to attend but we have featured the Arduino Nicla Voice here as it is part of the Arduino Pro Line.

Arduino Nicla Voice
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The Presenter:

Zaki Medina, Enablement and Training Advisor at Arduino
Zaki has a diverse work experience spanning various industries and roles including being a Technical Architect, a Chief Transformation Officer and a Lead Data & AI Instructor as well as being a Data Scientist. He is passionate about how tech can transform the functions and processes within companies, even contributing code for Machine Learning Libraries himself.