Wireless Power - All you ever wanted to know and never dared to ask

‘Listen to some experts from Rohm and Wurth Elektronik as they give you design tips and show you how to take your wireless power designs from the prototype phase to a full scale product.


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The best opportunity to understand the challenges, the complexity, the components and solutions to design your own wireless power product. How to move from the evaluation kit to a qualified product. Take the chance to ask questions and get technical hints from the experts.


What the Attendees Will Learn

  • Why Wireless Power? An Overview
  • Wireless Power Fundamentals
  • Getting Started with your Power Supply Design Projects
  • Design Tips and Technical Hints
  • Q&A

Winfried Bilgic

Winfried Bilgic was born in 1974 in Duisburg, Germany. He earned his diploma degree in electrical engineering in 2004 at the Gerhard-Mercator-University in Duisburg. He then worked as a research associate in the department of general and theoretical electrical engineering. His topics covers speed and accuracy optimization techniques in numerical electrodynamics until 2008. In 2008 he joined the engineering and design house IMST GmbH in Kamp-Lintfort as a system engineer and project leader for wireless power applications. His special focus was human safety, exposure by alternating magnetic fields and the design of efficient systems. In 2015 he joined Rohm Semiconductor in Willich as a field application engineer for wireless charging and USB PD applications. Since the beginning of 2016, he has been the department head of the technical support including the field application engineers. Dipl.-Ing. Winfried Bilgic is member of the German taskforce “Contactless energy and data transmission” of the VDE and member of the European COST ICT “Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics.”


Joerg Hantschel

Global Business Development Manager for wireless power coils at Wurth Elektronik eiSos GmbH. Before that more than 10 years experience as Senior Global Product Manager for mobile phones at Siemens and Nokia. Started and developed his career as technical sales engineer and global key account manager for electrical components at Siemens AG.

Webinar Recording

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