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About This Webinar

TI Training -- New Technologies to Improve the Performance of Your Servo Drive

Learn how high efficiency three phase GaN power stages and isolated delta-sigma based current sensing enable higher performance servo drives with precise torque control for applications such as robotics.


Learn about designing compact servo drives for precise position and torque control. Precise control requires minimum motor phase current ripple and accurate current sensing for reduced rotor vibration. This webinar discuses a high efficiency GaN power stage which enables high frequency switching for low phase current ripple. A high accuracy reinforced isolated current sensing solution using shunt resistors and delta sigma modulators is also discussed which enables high performance in noisy electrical environment. 


What the Attendee Will Learn

  • Overview of three phase inverter power stage for motor drives
  • Technology trends: GaN & isolated delta-sigma


Part I

  • Understand advantages of TI’s GaN power modules (integrated driver and GaN FETs) for use with 3-phase inverters for motor drives
  • Example system design/system test results for 2KW 3 phase reinforced isolated high frequency GaN Inverter for 230Vac servo drives (TIDA-00915)


Part II

  • Understand advantages of Delta Sigma modulators for In-Phase current sensing in AC and Servo Drive power stages
  • See an example system design/system test results for 25 Arms Reinforced Isolated In-phase Current sense solution using small delta sigma modulators (TIDA-00914)
The Presenters

Nelson Alexander -  Nelson Alexander is a Systems Engineer for TI's Industrial Motor Drives. He has worked in this role since 2014. He began his career at Texas Instruments in 2011 and has held various technical roles since joining the company. Nelson has received  his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering in 2011.


Pawan Nayak - Pawan Nayak is a Systems Engineer for Motor Drives and Control at TI. He has worked in this role since 2015 and began his career at Texas Instruments in the same year. He has worked mainly on 3 phase inverter power stages and motor current sensing. Prior to TI Pawan has worked as systems engineer designing linear motion control systems. Pawan has received Bachelor in Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2011 from Visvesvaraya Technological University.

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