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Solving the Connection Problems in Harsh Environments

Listen to an expert from Bulgin discuss the fundamentals of connectivity solutions for harsh environments.


There is a growing demand for power, signal and data to be made available just about everywhere we look – even in the most extreme types of environments. This means that the cables providing connectivity to these technological components have to work reliably under tough conditions – on automated factory floors, inside heavy machinery, exposed to outdoor elements or even underwater. One of the most common points for potential damage in any electrical system is any place where these cables get plugged in – the connectors. The webinar will be for anyone interested or currently working in connectivity in harsh environments.


What the Attendee Will Learn

  • The main elements that harsh connectors will protect against,
  • Requirements of a harsh environment connector
  • Features of Bulgin’s Buccaneer connector ange of IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K rated environmentally sealed circular power connectors.




Additional Information

Comparison Chart and Specifications


Carlos Rodriguez is the Product Manager for the Value Added/Connectivity Lab at Bulgin.

Webinar Recording

Click Here to view the webinar recording