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About the DEMO

Just like 3D modeling provides full visibility into a mechanical design, ULINKplus combines functionality, timing behavior and power consumption to present detailed insight into your embedded application.


ULINKplus enables test automation, software optimization for ultra-low power applications, and isolation for high-speed debug and trace of sensitive hardware systems.We will demonstrate how to use ULINKplus with the new System Analyzer, a graphical tool that shows power measurement data synchronized to events, interrupts, and variable changes. It provides a better insight into the overall execution of the embedded system.



There will be a live Q&A at the conclusion of the demonstration.


Additional Information

ULINKplus User’s Guide

ULINKplus Overview


Support & Maintenance

Questions regarding the ULINKplus, MDK software releases, or other technical questions can be answered by emailing


Date and Time

9:00 AM GMT

6:00 PM GMT

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Christopher Seidl, Technical Marketing Manager, Development Solutions Group, ARM

Christopher is responsible for Keil MDK, ARM’s leading development environment for Cortex-M based microprocessors. With over ten years' experience in ASIC design and ARM cores, he joined ARM in 2013 to promote MDK in the embedded and microcontroller industry.



Peter Barnard, Global Software Applications Engineer, Premier Farnell

Having graduated in Electronic Engineering in the mid 80’s, I enjoyed many years working as an electronics / software design engineer. I recently joined Premier Farnell (Element14) as a Global Software Applications Engineer to champion and support the software we distribute, a really great role that drawn on my extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Webinar Recording

A video recording will be available at the conclusion of this demonstration.