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Achieving higher power density, efficiency, and voltage accuracy in point-of-load (POL) DC/DC converters

Learn from a TI expert how to address the design challenges of point-of-load DC/DC converters


Designing a power solution for a performance processor can be challenging. Processors have changed a lot over the years, and some of the most challenging aspects of point of load power are providing a tight voltage accuracy, designing for a fast transient to lower output capacitance requirements, eliminating noise, attaining high power density and efficiency and understanding the trade-offs, and finally, finding a solution that can address the needs of today's, or tomorrow’s processors.


What the Attendee Will Learn

  • How the change in processor over the years impacts the design of a power solution
  • The challenges of developing point-of-load power and how to overcome them
  • How to find a power solution to address the needs of processors in the future

Pat Hunter

Pat Hunter joined TI in 2008 and is currently a senior Product Marketing Engineer in DC/DC Converter and Controller product  group at Texas Instruments. He earned Bachelors in Electrical Engineering  from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC.

Webinar Recording

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