RoadTest the ADS1262 Evaluation Board


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About this Webinar

Coinciding with the release of the industry’s best-in-class 32-bit ADC, TI’s precision delta-sigma ADC team explores how this unique architecture helps redefine what “high resolution” and “low noise” mean for designers everywhere. Then, taking things from the abstract to the real-world, we’ll cover how to get the best performance out of your device for temperature sensing and bridge applications, including removing common sources of error and proper component choices. Finally, we’ll preview an upcoming ADS1262 reference design that will walk through the development of a universal input module for PLC systems.


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About the Presenter

Christopher Hall is an applications engineer in the Precision Delta-Sigma Data Converters group at Texas Instruments where he supports high-resolution industrial and seismic products and applications. Christopher received both his BSEE and MSEE from the University of Arizona.


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