The element14 team are already packing their suitcases ready for a trip to Maker Faire Rome (which is being held in Rome, of course), and it turns out they're going to need some pretty hefty suitcases.



Held at La Sapienza in the University of Rome, Maker Faire Rome promises a full program of hacking, making and exhibiting, not least of it flowing from the element14 stand.


As well as socialising with the makers of the world (late into the night, no doubt) we're taking along some of our hottest gadgetry to keep the Faire white hot and super fun. Among them:

  • Gizmo2 colour-following remote controlled car,
  • BeagleBone Black Rubik's Cube solver,
  • Raspberry Pi/Matlab facial recognition system,
  • and we'll be going CodeBug crazy!


The codebug, as you undoubtedly know by now, is a superb gadget that we're immensely excited about here at element14, and we're bringing that excitement with us for the people of Maker Faire Rome so they can share in the delights of CodeBug high jinks.


Let us know if you're going along to Maker Faire Rome on October 16-18, and make sure you swing by to say hello. In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of the BeagleBone Black Rubik's Cube solver, which is strangely mesmerising...