Engineering a [Secure] Connected World



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About this Webinar

Beyond the world of security-conscious embedded engineers, outsiders often laugh at our security warnings about the Internet of Things. And yet an outsider's questions like: 'why would hackers attack my devices?’ have some validity. So as connected devices become the norm in our lives rather than the exception manufacturers and users ignore security at their peril. But even so IoT Security is still the ‘Elephant in the room’. We know its there, its big and scary but we close our eyes and hope it will go away.  This talk explores what the scale of the problem really is, the types of attack, how and why they are performed and how to counter them.


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IoT Security

IoT Security

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About the Presenter

Chris Tubbs is an industry veteran with 39 years experience in the Avionics, Simulation, Medical, Automotive and Software Industries. After 15 years in the Aerospace industry managing safety critical systems he co- founded companies in the Simulation and Medical Imaging markets in the roles of Commercial and Managing Director. He then spent eight Years in the Automotive industry in Germany and Holland as a Development and Business Development Manager after which he joined Green Hills Software in 2008. Chris was promoted to Director of Business Development EMEA in 2012 since when he has specialized in Safety and Security.

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