Elektor Academy - Platino, an ultra-versatile platform for AVR microcontroller circuits




Many microcontroller applications share a common architecture: an LCD, a few pushbuttons and some interface circuitry to talk to the real world. Platino offers a flexible through-hole design for such systems based on the popular AVR microcontrollers from Atmel. Platino supports all 28 and 40 pin AVR devices, several types of LCD and has a flexible pushbutton and/or rotary encoder configuration. Add-on cards in the form of Arduino type shields or custom boards are fully supported. Platino is compatible with the Arduino IDE and with many other popular development systems.



About the presenter:

Clemens Valens is the Editor-in-Chief of the French edition of Elektor. He has more than 15 years experience in embedded systems design. Clemens is currently focused on sound synthesis techniques, rapid prototyping, and the popularization of technology.

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