Whether you are trying to control a small battery-driven Brushed DC, a precise Stepper or a several kilowatts Brushless DC motor, TI offers a broad portfolio of integrated motor drivers. The DRV8x Motor Drivers can help to simplify your design, increase the system robustness and decrease the PCB area as well as the development time & costs.
In this session we will walk through our DRV8x Motor Driver offerings for each motor type, ranging from Brushed DC to Stepper and 3-phase motors. The scalable family of devices can support up to 60V and 60A.

Christoph Stangl, Business Development Manager - Analog Motor Control components
Job history in TI: Studied electrical sciences at the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut; Working 3 years as Field Application engineer for Automotive, before taking over the Business Development Manager position.