This webinar covers the design history and ins and outs of Elektor’s highly successful Improved Radiation Meter published in the November 2011 edition. This low-cost and do-it-yourself instrument is able to detect different types of radiation like alpha, beta and gamma using ‘sensors’ you never thought of as suitable for this kind of application. You can look forward to a lively and highly topical webinar on a guaranteed ‘experimentalicious’ circuit!
About the presenter:
Thijs  Beckers has been with Elektor since 2005. He started out with the Dutch editorial team and is currently working as a Technical Editor within the UK/International team of Elektor. Besides his editorial tasks he is also assigned part time to the Elektor Labs. Thijs studied Electrotechnical Engineering at Hogeschool Zuyd in Heerlen, the Netherlands, followed by a course in Informative Writing. From an early age he has been interested in electronics of all kinds - but mostly audio. During his studies Thijs got infected with the electronics fever which remained permanent!
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