This webinar opens a window on the "AVR Software Defined Radio" course started in Elektor’s March 2012 editions. The first part describes signal generation using the DDS principle and N/N+1 division, as well as methods of generating AM and FM modulated signals in the low frequency range. The next part describes sampling and mixing. Down-sampling and the short conversion time of the AVR’s ADC allow signals up to 500 kHz to be digitized. The course covers demodulation of AM, FM and PM signals as well as clock-recovery and error detection. Combining these techniques allows many signals to be received on the receiver getting built as the course progresses.


About the presenter:

Martin Ossmann has been an Elektor reader since 1972. Since 1989 he has published

more than 50 articles in Elektor magazine. He studied Electrical Engineering at RWTH Aachen, Germany. Martin has worked as a Development Engineer and a Research Scientist. Since 1999 he is a Professor at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences.