Elektor’s Pico C meter has enjoyed a mega response. In this Elektor/element14 webinar author/designer Jon Drury from the UK covers his unique way of giving the original little instrument a much wider range while also extending its functionality, all with new software and practically no changes to the existing Pico C hardware. Microcontroller fans including AVR Freaks can also learn how to adapt the software for different calibration capacitors. Jon may also give a sneak preview of his PicoLO oscilloscope and Pico DDS generator.


About the presenter:

Jon Drury studied chemistry at Oxford and got involved with instrumentation and Algol on the legendary Eliot 803. Later on he was involved in providing industrial computing solutions based on Z80 and then PCs.  Today, Jon is retired and consulting part time on AVR based instruments.


Please note this session starts at 3.00PM BST/4.00PM CEST