Going wireless with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Data Dashboard on an iPad or Android tablet


Although at first blush they appear completely different, Arduino and LabVIEW both are programming environments aimed at people who do not, or do not want to know how to program. Both platforms were designed for quickly developing an application without being slowed down by complex syntax issues or intricate procedures. Reusability of earlier work plays an important role in both environments.


In this webinar Elektor contributing editor Clemens Valens shows how to get started with LabVIEW and LIFA, developing a virtual instrument to blink the LED on Elektor’s Arduino compatible board Platino. But that’s only the beginning, you will get a look inside LIFA, add a custom relay board and replace the USB cable by a Bluetooth connection to the PC. In the end the status of the setup can be wirelessly monitored on an iPad or Android tablet anywhere in the widely webbed world.



About the presenter:

Clemens Valens is a member of the international editorial staff of Elektor magazine. He has more than 15 years experience in embedded systems design. Clemens is currently focused on sound synthesis techniques, rapid prototyping and the popularisation of technology.





Please note this event takes place at 15.00BST/16.00CEST.