Join element14 and Freescale in this five part series entitled “How to leverage Kinetis ARM solutions in your design”. 

Design Potential, Realized: Freescale’s ARM Cortex M4 and M0+ Microcontrollers and Design Solutions

With over 1 million units shipped in the first 6 months, it’s clear to see why Freescale’s Kinetis is the 32-bit microcontroller of choice for engineers who demand high performance with ultra low power. Freescale offers the widest range of Cortex M4 and M0+ parts to fit every application.


Time-to-market is an increasingly important factor in the marketplace. Freescale offers a wide array of tools to reduce your design time. From the modular Tower System, to the full-featured free MQX RTOS, Freescale takes the complexity out of embedded design. Freescale’s award winning 90nm technology and broad array of powerful peripherals allows engineers to reduce BOM costs and development time.


In the first session of this 5 part webinar, we’ll cover the innovative features of the Kinetis K and L Series MCUs and discuss Freescale’s easy to use design tools, such as Code Warrior, Processor Expert, Tower System, and MQX.


About the Presenter


Kevin McCann

Product Marketing Manager

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


With 6 years of embedded hardware and software design experience, Kevin understands the pressures placed upon engineers to produce increasingly complex products in record time. His experience includes lighting control, motor control, embedded computing, HMI, and USB.