As the technology and light output of LEDs continues to improve, applications for color and white high-brightness LEDs are expanding into entirely new markets.  LEDs are beginning to displace incandescent and fluorescent light sources in automotive and consumer applications as well as architectural and general lighting.  This webinar will introduce you to ON Semiconductor’s innovative and flexible solutions for driving high brightness LEDs.  Topics will include AC line powered lighting, wide input AC-DC lighting, and moving beyond the ‘driver’ to address a complete solution which  includes power, communication, and light sensors.  The webinar will end with an overview of ON Semiconductor’s GreenPoint Design Simulation Tool, an interactive design and verification environment that includes component selection, design generation, simulation and analysis, BOM, and download of schematic.


About the Presenter:


Roger Miller

Sr. Field Application Engineer

ON Semiconductor


Since 2002, Roger Miller has been a Sr. Field Application Engineer in southern California for ON Semiconductor.  Roger is a graduate of Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree.  He spent 18 years with Kelsey Hayes R&D Center in Michigan doing design and development for automotive anti-skid braking systems.  He has worked for National Semiconductor, International Rectifier and Fairchild Semiconductor as a strategic application manager and field application roles.  He has been promotion led driver solutions for the past seven years.