EAO Corporation of Milford, CT USA, a premier global supplier of Human Machine Interface (HMI) Components and Systems presents the topic of “Design Considerations for Effective Human Machine Interface Systems”.


The subject matter discussed will review the importance of good HMI System design as it is critical to the success of products in all market segments. It also encompasses the different factors that should be considered in creating an HMI System, including how to define HMI functionality and identify who the operator will be, selecting the appropriate control technologies (from pushbutton to touchscreen), selecting the appropriate communications technology from hard wiring to bus implementation, identifying and meeting relevant standards, and applying HMI best practices to different applications which include industrial automation.


The importance of a well-designed HMI System gives an operator active functions to perform, feedback on the results of the operator’s actions, and information on the automatic functions of the system as well as its performance. An HMI System encompasses all the elements a person will touch, see, hear, or use to perform control functions and receive feedback on those actions. The task of an HMI System is to make the functionality of a technology self-evident to the user; an effective HMI System impacts the acceptance of the entire product.


Also reviewed is the way in which HMI control panel assemblies and subsystems integrate a wide variety of switching, data input, indicator, alarms, communications, and other electromechanical components and technologies. They also incorporate technical, ergonomic, and quality specifications, in compliance with broadly diverse industry-specific, international, safety, and environmental standards.




John J. Pannone

Vice President of HMI Systems

EAO Corporation


With a degree in Industrial Technology and almost 20 years of direct involvement with all phases of Human Machine Interface, John is recognized as expert within the industry for product selection, ergonomic design factors, and system integration. Technical white papers and articles published include Design Considerations for Effective Human Machine Interface Systems and Interface Technology Considerations for HMI Systems. A diverse group of both industrial designers and engineering staffs interface routinely with John regarding his market, application, and knowledge of industry best-practices.  He is currently an active member and contributor to several global industry associations including Human Factors and Industrial Design.


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