An introduction to a newer methodology in adding cellular connectivity to new or existing M2M biased products in a less complex and truly cost effective manner for worldwide solution deployment.



Neil Carey - Regional Sales Manager

Campbell Elder- Technical Manager EMEA, Multi-Tech Systems


As we know each company has a varying levels of engineering competencies, however the pressures to complete designs on-time, error free continues to increase, whilst end product ‘windows of opportunity’ are narrowing, couple this with the multiple variables and costs associated to adding cellular connectivity to an end product the engineering pressures ratchet up further.


To help offset these, what you will be introduced to in this webinar is a product family that not only takes away a far greater portion of the cellular design complexity it will also help you and your companies far more effectively manage project costs and time to market


We will discuss the cellular connectivity drivers, the design variables and the key product elements that make for ‘The Shortest Path to Cellular Connectivity’.


This is a must attend webinar for experienced wireless engineers who are seeking alternatives to the traditional cellular connectivity methods or for the less experienced wireless engineers who are taking the first steps into the world of cellular connectivity.


Date: 19th June

Time: (9.30am GMT) (10:30 am BST)