Newark/element14 and Impulse Accelerated Technologies Present:


“Breakthrough Many-Core Processing Using the Altera Cyclone FPGA to Accelerate Your Embedded System”


Join Newark/element14 and David Pellerin, co-founder of Impulse Accelerated Technologies for an informative hands-on session on programming in C code on an FPGA using the Altera Cyclone development platform. In 45 minutes you will learn how you can leverage distributed processing for a C code algorithm across your entire embedded system – from the FPGA to the embedded processor.


This Webinar will be divided into two parts:


  • Part One: David will open with a C to FPGA overview and demonstrate the differences between writing for a FPGA vs. writing for a microprocessor.
  • Part Two: The second part of this Webinar will focus on a live demo within the tool set. Leveraging a fun application called “Finding Nemo”, you will learn how to quickly prototype an image processing algorithm where you need to leverage extremely high throughput using the FPGA fabric to augment an embedded controller.


We will have a live Q&A with David at the end of the session.

**EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE TO WIN!** Five Webinar attendees are eligible to win a free copy of David  Pellerin’s textbook, “Practical FPGA Programming in C.”


About the Speaker

David Pellerin is president and founder of Impulse Accelerated Technologies, a firm that serves systems designers who want to use FPGAs for hardware-based software acceleration and fast prototyping of mixed hardware/software systems. His Prentice Hall PTR books include VHDL Made Easy, Practical Design Using Programmable Logic, Digital Design Using ABEL, and Electronic Design Automation for Windows.


About Impulse

Impulse provides software-to-FPGA solutions for embedded and high performance computing. For more information, visit