Embedded Linux Made Easy



Benedikt Sauter

Managing Director at embedded projects GmbH in Augsburg, Germany




Today Linux can be found running on all sorts of devices, even coffee machines. Many electronics enthusiasts will be keen on using Linux as the basis of a new microcontroller project, but the apparent complexity of the operating system and the high price of development boards has always been a hurdle — up till now.


In this webinar Benedikt Sauter will show you how easy it is to use embedded Linux as an alternative to using a microcontroller. He will discuss what processes are running inside Linux when your application is running and show you how easy it is to control in- and output signals and read from an analogue port. Beginners will learn about most important things in embedded Linux and are guided step by step to become more of a professional.


About the presenter:


Benedikt Sauter is an open source enthusiast and author of many technical articles and open source projects like the GNUBLIN (embedded Linux board) and the USBprog. He works as a Managing Director at embedded projects GmbH in Augsburg, Germany. With a team of young computer scientists and engineers he develops intelligent and innovative products (most of them based on Linux) for all industries.



Start Time: 9/20/12 3:00 PM IST (Europe/Dublin)

End Time: 9/20/12 4:00 PM IST (Europe/Dublin)