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About This Webinar

We live in a world surrounded by electronic devices which use switched mode power supplies (SMPS). The demand for power switchers with high efficiency and low EMI grows for all designers. Taking a few rules into consideration, it is possible to satisfy this demand with just a few simple analog filters.

In this webinar session we examine SMPS from different points of view and consider multiple filtering methods to find out which is the most suitable and effective to our needs.  A universal solution does not exist for all design. We will consider a few SMPS examples and the right solution for each situation.

About the Presenter

Lorandt Fölkel (M.Eng.), Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH


Business Development Manager for Energy Harvesting, FAE for Eastern Europe, Baltic countries, Russia and Turkey


Lorandt Fölkel was born in Kronstadt (Brasov/RO) in 1967. He is an application engineer for EMI/EMC situation and switched mode power supply (SMPS) design for industrial- and automotive electronic applications. Lorandt is the company spokesperson for EMC seminars and has trained design engineers at more than 400 worldwide seminars since 2005. He demonstrates a clear understanding of EMC problems at the board level.   

With over 28 years of experience in electronic design, including 15 years in product management for passive components at Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH, Lorandt has expertise knowledge in EMC, filter design and efficiency improvement for SMPS. After studying at the Transylvania University In Brasov (Kronstadt),he worked as a service engineer in consumer electronics for 9 years, followed by 4 years as a design engineer for EX (explosion safety) remote controllers.


About the company: Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH is a European passive component manufacturer who designs and manufactures EMC ferrites, inductors for power supplies, transformers for power converter, LAN transformers, connectors and assembly components, with offerings in design service and support at local FAE’s Worldwide.

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