During this session you will learn how to leverage Freescale’s microcontroller enablement bundle and ARM ecosystem to kickstart your Kinetis L Series MCUs design.



First, we will cover a brief introduction of the recently announced Kinetis L Series MCUs, that combine the exceptional energy-efficiency and ease-of-use of the new ARM® Cortex™-M0+ processor with the performance, peripheral sets, enablement and scalability of the Kinetis 32-bit MCU portfolio.



Next, we will go through a detailed overview of the hardware and software enablement bundle offered by Freescale, as well as the ARM ecosystem, that enables you to simplify and accelerate your development.



Last and more specifically, we will demonstrate the ease-of-use of the Freescale Freedom platform, featuring the Kinetis L KL25Z MCU and a new openSDA debug interface. This ultra low-cost evaluation tool will be available late September.



About the Presenters:



Michael Norman earned a BS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He works for Freescale Semiconductor in the Microcontroller Solutions Group where he manages the Enablement Solutions and Software Strategy team where he concentrates on microcontroller and microprocessor systems solutions, hardware and software development tools, and reference designs.



Eduardo Montañez received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering with a technical concentration in Computer Engineering and Integrated Electronics from The University of Texas at Austin. Eduardo works for Freescale as a Systems Engineer in the Microcontroller Solutions Group where he defines microcontrollers and complimentary software and hardware ecosystem solutions to meet customer requirements for various industrial and consumer markets. Eduardo has led development for 8-bit HCS08, 16-bit HCS12, 32-bit ColdFire and Kinetis microcontrollers for the past 11 years.