Wurth Electronics Midcom Presents EMC Part IV - Ferrites

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The webinar is designed by engineers and technicians, for engineers and technicians, with practice-oriented contents to give you support for the development of undisturbed electronics and equipment.


The webinar will take place on Wednesday, August 29 from 1:00 - 1:30p.m. CDT.


Marcin Szajner, Field Applications Engineer, will cover EMC and what it means to you and your designs. EMC Part IV introduces us how to use chip bead ferrites and the internal structure. What is it? How does it work? How to use it? Mr. Szajner will cover a brief description about losses of materials for filtering applications and provide an example on calculating insertion loss. Part IV will also cover an overview of EMC, frequency and core material relationship for conducted emission testing and how to use clamp on ferrites as common mode chokes and differential mode chokes.


Topics include:

• Chip Bead Ferrites
• Details/Reading Datasheets
• Insertion Loss Calculation
• EMC Overview
• Clamp on Ferrites


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Mr. Marcin Szajner

Marcin Szajner graduated from DeVry University in 2003 with an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics and Computer Technology. He's been in the magnetics industry for over five years, where he started his career as a technician. Mr. Szajner worked his way to a magnetic designer involved in designing custom power inductors and transformers.


Mr. Szajner has been with Wurth Electronics Midcom since 2010 as a Field Applications Engineer, specializing in the standard magnetics line.