Raymond Vermeulen – Elektor Labs

Jan Buiting – Editor, Elektor UK & US editions



Although interest in FPGAs is high, many designers are intimidated by the development software as well as the price of development boards. Cost can be reduced dramatically by eliminating the JTAG cable, and use a mini-USB cable instead. Also, for non-volatile storage an SD card is used. And if you lose interest in the FPGA, you can still use the on board microcontroller. The board is breadboard compatible, adding peripherals is easy. All this considerably adds to lowering the threshold to using FPGAs in practice.


In this webinar Raymond Vermeulen and Jan Buiting will be discussing the appealing features of this board, how the project came about and what you can do with it.     


About the presenters:


Raymond Vermeulen is a young Electronics Engineer working in the Elektor Lab; he designed the FPGA development board. He is always looking for new components and technologies and looking for ways to employ them in projects.

Jan Buiting is one of Elektor’s longest standing editors, he has a broad interest in all things electronics old & new.