During this session you will learn how to apply the low power pillars forming the Kinetis L series microcontrollers to make your product more energy efficient.


First, we will go through a brief Kinetis L Series portfolio overview highlighting some technical features to guide you in product selection and show you how the L series scales into the other Kinetis products.


Second, we will cover what’s new in the Cortex M0+ processor integrated in the L series and how it puts simple 8/16-bit applications in close reach.


Next, we will review the many flexible, low power modes in the L series and how they can apply to various use cases.


Then, we will study the enhancements in L series energy-saving architecture and peripherals to help your product do more with less energy consumption.


Finally, we will review the enablement solutions that will simplify your energy efficient L series design. In particular we will take a closer look at the ultra, low-cost Freedom evaluation platform.


About the Presenters:


Eduardo Montañez received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering with a technical concentration in Computer Engineering and Integrated Electronics from The University of Texas at Austin. Eduardo works for Freescale as a Systems Engineer in the Microcontroller Solutions Group where he defines microcontrollers and complimentary software and hardware ecosystem solutions to meet customer requirements for various industrial and consumer markets. Eduardo has led development for 8-bit HCS08, 16-bit HCS12, 32-bit ColdFire and Kinetis microcontrollers for the past 11 years.


Michael Norman earned a BS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He works for Freescale Semiconductor in the Microcontroller Solutions Group where he manages the Enablement Solutions and Software Strategy team where he concentrates on microcontroller and microprocessor systems solutions, hardware and software development tools, and reference designs.