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Most of the time low power designs have tight space constraints. This also implies that there is not much space available for extensive cooling mechanisms like fans or heat sinks. The designs are often battery powered, so operating at high efficiency to get maximum operating time at one battery charge is also important. This usually can be achieved by powering the circuits using switch-mode power supplies.

The switching operation of the switch-mode power supplies typically generates noise. Because of this it can be challenging to design a reliable power supply circuit especially if a highly sensitive sensor or any kind of radio is part of the design. Limited space usually does not allow the use of large components for filtering and protection.

This presentation uses practical examples of applications that show different approaches for minimizing noise and improving robustness in a low power design when using switch-mode power supplies.

About the Presenter

Jürgen Neuhäusler, Texas Instruments
Senior Applications Engineer for ALPS (Advanced Power Solutions, Low Power DCDC Converters)


Jürgen Neuhäusler is Senior Applications Engineer for Advanced Low Power Solution devices at Texas Instruments, based in Freising. Previously he worked as a Systems Engineer, defining new low-power DCDC converters and higher integrated power management IC's. Jürgen has several years of experience as a design engineer for Instrumentation Power Supplies. In more than 20 years of innovative work in the power management area he received more than 10 patents, granted in Europe and US.

Jürgen holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Power Electronics from the Technical University of Munich. He has trained many customers in power supply design and related topics at various seminars and workshops across Asia, Europe and Northern America.

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