Please join Newark element14 and Vishay for an informative webinar regarding Optoelectronics in 3 key applications. 

This webinar consists of four parts:

Part 1:  Power Supplies:  Low IF Optocouplers

Dale Henderson, Director of Regional Marketing, Optoelectronics group of Vishay Semiconductor will review the features, benefits and schematics for using 1 mA and 5 mA input current Optocouplers in power supplies.

Part 2: Replacing Electro-mechanical Relays with Solid State Solutions

Jose Espina, Senior Manager of Product Marketing, Optocouplers, Vishay Semiconductor, will provide an overview of the benefits of using optically isolated PhotoMOSFETS, PhotoMOSFET Drivers, or Phototriacs instead of mechanical relays.


Part 3: Low-cost Object Detection and Proximity Sensing


Jim Toal, Senior Manager of Product Marketing, will discuss designing the VCNL3020 into your application: window design, layout, surrounding components, range and current estimates.


Part 4: Sneak Peak at New Product Releases


Jim Toal will provide a sneak peak at some of Vishay’s Q1 product releases such as the Ambient Light Sensor with I2C Interface, Wide-body IGBT Driver, 2-meter Proximity Sensor Development Kit, Side-view, 28° viewing angle emitters and detectors.