3M LogoWhat should you consider when determining your cable? Join us as we uncover those important things to evaluate and determine in mass termination cable selection. Whether it’s determining the core type, insulation materials or the geometry, your cable selection will impact on design, manufacturing and overall cost, so making the right choice is critical.
Over time the performance requirements for flat cable has intensified. The demand on signal transmission rates is increasing. With that the added pressures of design miniaturisation and assembly time efficiencies, not to mention the changing environmental and regulatory pressures, all increase the need for cable solutions which are tailored to address such issues.
New cable technologies also offer design enhancement opportunities. Cable design and construction will continue to evolve and understanding what is on the horizon today will help you be one step ahead of tomorrow.
This webinar session is brought to you by 3M, the inventors of mass IDC termination flat cable, with over 50 years industry experience. The webinar will provide a brief overview of the most critical factors you should consider in any design and manufacturing process requiring flat cable solutions.
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