Atmel Logo What should you consider when determining the best integration method for MAC/EUI addresses into your new Internet-connected product?
Join us as we uncover those important details to evaluate and determine the easiest, most reliable and cost effective mass production method to manage and deploy the MAC/EUI addresses into your next design. Your selected MAC/EUI integration method will have on impact on design, manufacturing and overall product cost, so making the right choice can be critical.
In today’s current market, more and more new products are introduced that support internet access or have the ability to connect with a local network to share data. Each of these devices requires a unique hardware address to be differentiated, enabling proper communication on this network. How does one go about acquiring a block of MAC addresses? How is the uniqueness of the address guaranteed? What is the difference between a 48-bit and 64-bit MAC addresses and which one is right for my design? Are there any solutions out there that eliminate the headaches of a self managed MAC/EUI address program?
These questions and more will be answered in this webinar session.
Find out how you can make your future Internet-connected designs safer, simplify your production process and save time and money with Atmel’s MAC Serial EEPROM series devices.
This webinar session is brought to you by Atmel. Atmel is a leading supplier of Microcontrollers, Touch Solutions and Nonvolatile Memory Products.
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