imageThe rise of smart and portable devices has increased the need for highly efficient power solutions. At the same time, the urgency to protect the environment has never been greater.  Energy Harvesting, i.e. gathering energy from ambient sources such as wind, solar, thermal and motion is a green and innovative approach which will help allow engineers to resolve this paradox. Linear Technology’s energy harvesting ICs with quiescent currents have been specifically designed to allow optimum power transfer from the ambient energy source to the downstream wireless sensor node (WSN) electronics. The sensor node example includes the energy friendly EFM32 Gecko microcontroller from Energy Micro, the most energy efficient 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 device with low energy peripherals and autonomous operation for smart sensor appliations.
Brian Shaffer of Linear Technology, Filip Dovland of Energy Micro, and Lorandt Fölkel of Würth Elektronik will present Energy Harvesting: what it is, the potential of this technology to change our lives, how the new Energy Harvesting Solution to Go kit provides an ideal means by which it can be accessed, how to get the most out of it, and how the inductors for the harvester work. This webinar will clearly demonstrate that Energy Harvesting is a leading edge solution which enables efficiency to work hand in hand with intelligence.
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Energy Harvesting RoadTest Design Challenge
The webinar will be followed by a special announcement in relation to a forthcoming design competition, the Energy Harvesting RoadTest Design Challenge.  Energy Harvesting Solution To Go.