Bourns LogoBourns delivers the most comprehensive line of circuit protection technology and solutions in the industry. Bourns offers world-class technology and applications expertise that is the result of many years of circuit protection engineering, design and support. Bourns' global reputation for extensive application knowledge, quality products, innovative protection strategies and a wide range of technologies ensures we can provide the right circuit protection solution for your needs.
During the webinar, you will gain an understanding of products and circuit protection solutions available from Bourns for a variety of applications. After the webinar, you will feel much more confident in choosing the right solution that meets your design needs and requirements.
The Presenter: Carl Queen, B Eng (Hons) - FAE for Consumer Medical, Instrumentation & Automotive, responsible for the European region. Queen has worked for Bourns for 12 years and has over 30 years’ experience in the industry.
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