Who is the intended audience?
ADI KitWe encourage students from various Universities and Colleges and professionals to attend the Webinar to understand the Analog Devices Discovery Kit which is a perfect portable and Affordable Circuit Design Lab ¨Anywhere Anytime¨. We encourage this training tool for the incoming employees in electronic industry, engineering students, designers and Hobbyists, as it aids as an ideal support system in continuing their design and experimentations not being limited to expensive equipment and sophisticated lab setup. Analog Devices through its University program makes an Affordable and Portable lab setup possible. What you need is simply the Analog Discovery Kit and your PC. It replaces the oscilloscope, waveform generators, power supplies and network analyzers.


The Webinar will explore a complete understanding of the Analog Discovery Kit’s utility and functionality by demonstrating with a live example on how you can design a circuit and test it without being in a lab, in the comfort of your home, dorm or classroom. The focus will be on highlighting the ease with which a student or professional will be able to practically design and test their circuits along with a multitude of supporting materials that include online textbooks, reference designs, online support community and software tools. They will be able to explore, design, build and test real-world real-time circuits,”Anywhere & Anytime.”
To learn more about the Analog Devices University Program, visit www.analog.com/india/university.


Presenter:  Kaushal Jha
Kaushal Jha is Senior Engineering Manager at ADI. He graduated from Jadavpur University in Electronics and Tele-communication Engineering and joined Semiconductor Complex Ltd in 1988. Since then, he has been working on Mixed Signal Products. He joined ADI in 2002. At ADI, he has developed several products in DAC and digiPot space. He holds 7 US patents. His area of interest is Mixed Signal Design.