From commercial & military avionics, control systems & cabin interiors…  to air, land, and sea based radar systems, virtually everything  electrical requires power distribution management to makes these advanced technologies work.  As next generation systems expand in capacity and functionality, demand increases for higher levels of power, distributed faster through smaller and lighter components while working in extreme and rugged environments.  Join Karl Kitts and Eric Weingartner of TE Connectivity for this enlightening webinar. Here you will learn about mission critical elements supporting electrical power distribution and how to select and match components for optimized end-to-end solutions.  Karl and Eric will then give you a peek into the future mapping out their view on how these technologies are trending to meet the demands of tomorrow’s complex power management needs.
Karl Kitts
High performance relays, contactors & power distribution solutions
Karl Kitts Karl holds a BS degree in Engineering from Ohio University; an MBA degree from Auburn University and has more than 25 years’ experience in the engineering world. Karl is an SAE aerospace committee chairman, and was a former director of the National Association of Relay Manufacturers (NARM). Karl's experience before joining the TE Connectivity team included positions with Eaton Aerospace and Hartman Electrical Manufacturing.
Eric Weingartner
High performance relays, contactors & power distribution solutions
Eric has over 11 years of experience with TE Connectivity in development engineering and field application engineering.  He holds a BS degree in Physics from the Ohio State University.  Prior to joining TE, Eric worked at Ohio State as a technician in a microwave research lab.