Every electronic device emits and can be interfered with by electromagnetic radiation. Without protection, or shielding, this radiation can cause devices to malfunction. Current approaches to cable shielding use heavy copper braids, which add hundreds or thousands of kilograms of weight over the course of the 100 miles or more of electrical wiring in modern aircraft. TE Connectivity is developing new lightweight materials and strategies to reduce weight and improve overall performance. In this webinar you will learn about these new technologies and how to select the best shielding solution for your application.
Russ Renzas
EMI shielding materials and technologies
Russ has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from UC Berkeley and a BSE in Electrical Engineering from Princeton. He has been an Advanced Development Engineer at TE Connectivity for three years. Russ is experienced in surface science, materials science, electronics, and software development. He has published 13 peer-reviewed academic papers with over 500 citations. His current focus is on lightweight cable shielding materials and techniques.