Atmel LogoAs you push the boundaries of performance and power, you also want your underlying design technology to be easy to use and secure. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a portfolio of embedded microprocessor units (eMPUs) from a trusted vendor, offering an optimal mix of features and functions at the right price?
Atmel's ARM® Cortex™-A5 processor-based eMPUs deliver that balance in a rich set of devices that meets your every industrial design need. By designing with the new Atmel® SAMA5D3 series, you alleviate any trade-offs in performance, power and ease of use.
In this webinar you will learn more about : the Cortex-A5 core, Atmel SAMA5D3 Key Features, Positioning, Target Applications and Benefits as well as software and tools ecosystem.
Presenter: Thomas Aubin
Thomas Aubin works in product marketing at Atmel Corporation, where he is focused on the company’s ARM926EJ™ processor-based embedded microprocessor units (MPUs). Prior to joining Atmel in 2012, Thomas worked at Texas Instruments in a variety of positions, including business planner, price analyst and business development engineer in Villeneuve-Loubet, France. He has deep experience managing the ramp up of chipset devices for the wireless industry and in the modem and application processor businesses.


We are pleased to announce we will be giving away 5 examples of the product mentioned in this webinar via our RoadTest programme.  The enrollment period begins on April 29th and concludes 3 weeks afterwards.  Click Atmel SAMA5D34-EK Evaluation Kit for more information and to enroll.