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Elektor LogoThis webinar will introduce the Raspberry Pi Expansion Header. Discussions will include using the General Purpose Input / Output (GPIO) pins and Pi's serial interfaces which include a UART, SPI and I2C interfaces. Each interface discussed will include software installation requirements, schematics diagrams and program code (Python).  So get ready to hack your Pi with RS232 serial interface's, GPIO port expanders and more.
About the Presenter
Tony has been an Elektor reader since 1985. He had his first Elektor article published in 2005 and has since went on to write another 6 articles for Elektor. He studied Computer Science at Northumbria University and later at Newcastle University, UK. In his day job he writes control software for sub-sea robotic vehicles. He is also an active member of the maker community and can usually be found at NE Makerspace (