Elektor LogoDevelopers tend to stick firmly to their favorite controllers. If an outsider wants to understand and modify open-source code, he has to delve deep in the datasheet of that particular controller. Elektor’s  “Embedded Firmware Library (EFL)” is an upcoming project offering a common API for controller features like ADC, UART and SPI, as well as for peripheral blocks on the board like Display, RS485 Interface and SD card. EFL users  can write higher-level libraries (e.g. for communication protocols) and applications which are completely independent from the processor and the wiring on the board. No more examining complex datasheets or schematics! In this webinar EFL co-developer Jens Nickel will demonstrate the build of a small EFL project. Naturally, he will also show how the EFL works “under the hood”.
About the presenter:
Jens Nickel is an editor working for the German edition of Elektor. He studied Physics in Stuttgart followed by training in science journalism.  Jens has been with Elektor for 8 years, after working for various magazines covering renewable energy. As a programming enthusiast going  back to the days of the Commodore C64, he really enjoys microcontroller and software oriented electronic projects.