TI Hercules Evaluation KitThis webinar will give attendees an introduction to TI’s Hercules Safety Microcontrollers and the new Hercules LaunchPad evaluation kit.
Development of safety-critical applications requires a careful selection of electronic components that meet functional safety requirements and make it easy for system developers to attain the required certifications.
Hercules TMS570 and RM4 MCUs are dual-core lockstep ARM Cortex R4 based and designed specifically for IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 safety-critical applications.  The Hercules family of MCUs provides advanced integrated safety features like CPU and memory self-test while delivering scalable performance, connectivity, and memory options. Hercules MCUs are complemented by SafeTI design package which includes the software framework, tools and documentation to help customers achieve end-product certification and get to market quickly.
We will introduce the new Hercules LaunchPad, our lowest-cost evaluation kit which makes it easy to evaluate performance and safety feature of Hercules Safety MCUs.
Learn more about functional safety, Hercules Safety MCUs, and the new Hercules LaunchPad and its capabilities to jump start your application development with Hercules safety MCUs.
Presenter: Diwakar Bansal
Diwakar Bansal is a product marketing manager in Texas Instruments’ Hercules Safety Microcontroller group.  He joined TI as an applications engineer in the Automotive MCU group where he supported developers of automotive safety applications using TI MCUs.  Diwakar holds an MS degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.
You too can potentially get your hands on a TI Hercules TMS570LS04 LaunchPad through our RoadTest, beginning September 30th!  TI Hercules TMS570LS04 LaunchPad for more details.