Vishay Precision Group Current ResistorThe most precise measuring of electrical current is achieved using current sensing resistors. In this Webinar, we will explain how Vishay Precision Group’s unique Bulk Metal® Foil Power Current Sense Resistors provide higher accuracy and stability in current sensing applications than any other resistor technologies including thin film, thick film, and wirewound resistors. We will explore the key specifications of these devices, including TCR, thermal EMF, and load-life drift; stress factors such as variant ambient temperatures that can affect their accuracy and the advantage of using four terminal current measurement.  We will also highlight the need for precision resistors in a wide range of applications, including Li-ion battery charging in portable consumer electronics and military and avionics systems, and power supplies, calibration units, and power monitors in wind and solar energy equipment. Presented by a team of experts in field design, R&D, application engineering, and marketing from the United States, Europe, and Israel, the webinar will also include two short demonstration videos: "Comparison of Current Sense Resistors in Solar Panels" and "Power-Induced Thermal EMF Error Voltage." The 30-minute presentation will be followed by a Q and A session with the team.
Presenter: Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith works for Vishay Precision Group and is the Field Design Engineer for Foil Resistors covering the UK and Ireland. Kevin is responsible for the design in of Bulk Metal Foil Resistors and new business generation from design ins. Kevin provides hands on Technical support to customers and distributors in order to assist them to design in Vishay Precision Group’s Bulk Metal Foil Resistors. Kevin has a B.Sc. Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Coventry (Lanchester) Polytechnic and a Master’s Degree in Digital Signal Processing for Multimedia Applications from the University of Westminster. Kevin has worked in various roles in the electronic component industry in the UK and Ireland since graduating in 1984 including Design Engineering, Product Marketing and Field Applications Engineering.